Hunger Games 2 Catching Fire

“We’re all so disappointed that there’ll be no wedding” – Caesar Flickerman

This second part of the Hunger Games trilogy (which having read the third installment, could easily end up being four movies) has been received even better by critics than the first. And the crowds have voted with their butts on seats.

Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark, the Games’ victors from the first film are not exactly enjoying the bounty of their triumph. The opposite in fact and matters are about to take a turn for the worse.

What makes this sci fi dystopian series stand out from similar franchises is the honest focus on its main characters. Character driven rather than high concept if you will. Even though the high concept is there, of course. It wouldn’t be sci fi without!

But having made the correct choice to follow the lead of the novels on which the films are based, placing people first makes the whole premise just so much more horrifying. We know what our heroes feel, why they care, and we care about them. So, even though I had read the books, I found myself on the edge of my seat as the film unfolded. The plot twisting and turning like a ravenous mamba snake!

As per the first instalment, there was plenty of colour and really cool design which makes for a nice change to the set rules of the dystopian genre. It also increases the contrast of the predicament of the main characters with the world that surrounds them. Great.

A lot of good acting again. Stanly Tucci stood out again as show host Caesar Flickerman, Jennifer Lawrence was great, although I personally am not a fan of her acting voice when she goes into overdrive. Not even Philip Seymour Hoffman felt out of place. A big shout out finally to Sam Claflin who made the most of playing Finnick Odair, a slightly odious character from the books. This is good news as he will feature heavily in the third part.

Let downs: sure, the open ending left everyone confused. But I’ll give you one thing to think about if you’re pondering whether to go or not:

After we saw this movie, the wife and I went home and we didn’t speak for a day or two while she read part three – absolutely riveted.

Go see it!