Flaked and much Stranger Things

Time for a quick update on the newest Netflix goodies available to you (and I) in The Netherlands.

Flaked – co created by lead man Will Arnett (previously of Arrested Development) is a delicious new addition to the roster. Starting off on a slow burn, this comedy is all about Chip, a reformed alcoholic who wound up in Venice because he killed a man in an accident. Hardly the stuff of hilarity you say? Well, think of it as Seinfeld in the sun, with a great supporting cast and some stellar writing. Should you find yourself thinking: this stuff is a bit, well flakey, around the half way mark, stick with it! The final episodes will reward your patience manyfold.

Stranger Things  – the Duffer Brothers imagined, made and pulled off a very special kind of trick with this sci-fi, coming of age, thriller and dark comedy series. Simply imagine every teen movie from the 80’s: Goonies, Weird Science, E.T., Stand by me, Close Encounters…well the list goes on and on and on. Wrapped up in an exciting narrative with great characters that will keep you coming back for every next episode. Much recommended!