DVD’s lurking in your closet

If there is something..

…at the back of your DVD cabinet you haven’t watched, perhaps you should. For example when you are laid up with a frightfully sore back, as I am currently. Just for your pleasure, here’s what I watched:
Lurking around the back of my DVD cabinet was this New Zealand horror spoof. Two hours of quite well plotted meat eating sheep gone wild. Stunning vistas of sweeping countryside and a rather mixed bag of acting. The sheep did well though. As usual for this genre the backstories are quite thin but fun. Plenty of gore – for those who like that stuff – and thank god – it doesn’t take itself too seriously. All in all, quite watchable, especially when doused with painkillers.
Bought this DVD because the central plot resembles a project I am working on. Or so I thought. A movie essentially about childhood lost and yearning for how things might have been. Bookended by a stunningly solid performance by Daniel Craig as Joe, a washed up Hollywood star but intersected by a much weaker central part – the flashback to his youth. We are led to believe that the flashback will be mainly about some sort of break up between Joe and his childhood friend “Boots” – only it isn’t. I felt a distinct lack of dramatic impetus in the middle part. Special mention must go out to Felicity Jones, as the “Young Ruth” – a beautiful actress with bucketloads of talent.
But more than once the movie begged the question: what am I actually watching? Then, as the film returns to present day it becomes forceful again. The star of this movie is, however, undoubtedly “If there is Something” by Roxy Music. The movie itself is stylish but muddled.
VIDOCQ (2001)
This one’s been on the shelf a really long time. And after seeing it, it didn’t deserve that fate. Gerard Depardieu in a forceful role as the famous French detective. Reasonably exciting and shot in typical 90’s wild /camera / full close up (look ma, it’s MTV!!) style. This was a very early entry in the field of widespread use of CGI, SD and HD digital cameras and so forth. It carried me along succesfully enough to the grande finale which was a classic detective “drawing room reveal” – without the drawing room, it must be said. Quite dark and disturbing along the way too. Worth your while, if you’re into steampunk, retro sci fi etc.