Cornwall Film Festival chooses Pinto

The Cornwall Film Festival chose The Pinto Edition to feature in their “Films without borders” short film competition. CFF 8 through 11th november:

And, as it turns out The Pinto Edition has been doing quite a bit of road tripping. It was shown at the Cinema Bioscoop festival in Lissabon, Portugal earlier this month. And, at various small festivals and gatherings in and around Berlin, as part of the 48 hour film project promotions over there. Finally it was selected by the Dutch filmfestival in Utrecht for their online competition.

Victor didn’t sit still and collected memento’s and slapped them on the back of the camper van.


Just a few hours to go….

And then we’ll kick off the 48 hour film project here in Amsterdam. I’m teamed up with director Elwin Bes, in the “Untitled Walter Hill Project”

Elwin has assembled a great team and we’ve set our sights on making a weird and wonderful little film.

Tonight at 18.00 we hear which genre, prop, single line of dialogue and character we have to play with. Then I’ll probably be working all night on the screenplay. Can’t wait!!

48 Hour Filmmaker: Amsterdam 2012